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CONFERENCE SERIES: Biomarkers and Diagnostics

Recorded at: Next Generation Dx Summit

Digital Course: Micro- and Nanofluidics in Diagnostics and Life Sciences: Technologies, Applications and Markets


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This course is designed for scientists, managers, technicians and engineers who would like to acquire a comprehensive overview of the field of microfluidics. Starting with the underlying physical principles of miniaturization, the course includes an introduction into microfabrication technologies for microfluidic devices covering a wide range of existing materials (glass, silicon, polymers) and manufacturing technologies and describes the complete development cycle of a microfluidic device from the design to the ready-to-use device. Applications of microfluidics in point-of-care and clinical diagnostics, analytical and synthetic chemistry, biotechnology and cell biology will be presented. The course will also provide an insight into the business and commercialization aspects of the field and the uptake of microfluidic technology in various markets. 



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Agenda At A Glance: 

Micro- and Nanofluidics in Diagnostics and Life Sciences: Technologies, Applications and Markets 

  • Understand the basic physical principles and scaling laws governing miniaturization
  • Identify the suitable material for a given microfluidic application
  • Understand the basic technologies available for the microfabrication of glass, silicon and polymer materials and follow the device manufacturing process from design to the finished microfluidic device
  • Learn application examples of microfluidic devices in a wide range of disciplines
  • Understand the current state of the markets and obstacles in the commercialization process

Holger BeckerInstructor: Holger Becker, Ph.D., CSO, microfluidic ChipShop

Biography: Dr. Holger Becker is co-founder and CSO of microfluidic ChipShop GmbH. He obtained physics degrees from the University of Western Australia/Perth and the University of Heidelberg. He started to work on miniaturized systems for chemical analysis during his PhD-thesis at Heidelberg University, where he obtained his PhD in 1995. Between 1995 and 1997 he was a Research Associate at Imperial College with Andreas Manz. In 1998 he joined Jenoptik Mikrotechnik GmbH. Since then, he founded and led several companies in the field of microsystem technologies in medicine and the life sciences. He leads the Industry Group of the German Physical Society and is member of the program committee of the SPIE “Microfluidics, BioMEMS and Medical Microsystems” conference as well as acting as regular reviewer of project proposals on national and EU level and for several journals devoted to microsystem technologies.

About the Conference: 

The Next Generation Dx Summit (Enabling Point-of-Care Diagnostics, Emerging Molecular Markers of Cancer, Molecular Diagnostics for Infectious Disease, Companion Diagnostics, Commercialization of Molecular Diagnostics, Translating Proteomics & Metabolomics into the Clinical Laboratory, and Mass Spectrometry in Clinical Diagnostics) is designed to bring together all of the major players in the evolving areas of diagnostics.  This year, we are introducing proteomic and metabolomic technologies that are making their way into clinical diagnostics. We have assembled an impressive faculty of speakers from industry, government, and leading academic institutions. This meeting will showcase improvements in technology research and development with an emphasis towards application to the clinical laboratory and commercialization. Plan to hear what the key players in the industry are saying about what to expect for the rapid changes ahead.

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