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CONFERENCE SERIES: Biomarkers and Diagnostics

Recorded at: Next Generation Dx Summit

Digital Course: The Future of Point-of-Care Diagnostics


Order DVD2011 ADX SC8 DVD Cover About this Product: 

This digital course looks at POCT markets and technologies from the point of view of senior executives making strategic choices about priorities and market directions.  The discussion will focus on the changes in healthcare markets overall and the implications for POCT companies, especially as affected by molecular medicine.  The multiple paths to market and potential barriers for POCT firms in the changing healthcare environment will be covered along with a range of potential strategies for success.  The audience which can benefit will include decision-makers from POCT firms and their investors as well as diagnostic firms and scientists seeking a broader business view of point of care. 



About this Product:
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Agenda At A Glance: 

  • The Future: Different from the Past
  • The Established Markets
  • Why Are Things Changing?
  • The New POC Markets: What Will Companies Do?
  • The New POC Markets: Big Box Companies
  • The New POC Markets: Pharma
  • The New POC Markets: Wildcards
  • The Future
  • Strategies for New Markets


Keith BatchelderKeith F. Batchelder, M.D., CEO, Genomic Healthcare Strategies
Keith Batchelder is the founder and CEO of Genomic Healthcare Strategies, a company focused on the changes in healthcare resulting from advances in molecular medicine. GHS provides strategy and implementation services for companies looking to enter or grow in the new markets emerging as result of predictive diagnostics and preventive medicine. Dr. Batchelder has long been interested in the intersection of the scientific, business and societal promises and challenges raised by personalized medicine. His area of expertise is in the analysis of new markets, channels, partners, and the new science supporting the rapidly evolving practice of medicine and wellness. During a career that has spanned medical research, clinical practice, and management in start-ups and large organizations, Dr. Batchelder focuses on the practical application of advanced healthcare innovation and its economics. He has served as chief technical officer of WorldCare International Clinical Trials, where he used biomarkers as surrogate endpoints for successful FDA approvals; as CIO of Harvard Salud Integral, where he helped to raise funding and grow a start-up HMO in Mexico City; as a principal of AMICAS Corp, where he took a web-based radiology system from concept to a venture-funded and profitable software company; and at Massachusetts General Hospital for eight years, where as a staff member he conducted industry sponsored research in innovative drug discovery, invented novel techniques and published in peer reviewed journals. Dr. Batchelder was educated at Middlebury College, the Hahnemann University School of Medicine, received postgraduate training in Medical Informatics at The Boston VA Hospital and completed a fellowship at the Food and Drug Administration. He also holds a masters degree in biomaterials from New York University. Dr. Batchelder writes and speaks frequently on the topic of personalized medicine (e.g., Nature Biotechnology, Scientific American conference on Targeted Medicine, Burrill & Co, LabCompete, Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference) and has organized several well attended symposia on Personalized Medicine. Dr. Batchelder, acting on his belief in the potential of personalized medicine, is one of the first ten volunteers to have their full duplex genomes sequenced and published in Harvard Genetics Professor George Church’s Personal Genome Project.

Peter MillerPeter S. Miller, COO, Genomic Healthcare Strategies
Peter Miller is Chief Operating Officer of Genomic Healthcare Strategies. He has spent his career building companies which have operated in expanding markets driven by new technology. He has a track record of spotting trends and successful implementation. He did his undergraduate work at MIT. While working on his master’s degree at the Sloan School, he was a founding member of Abt Associates Inc, and over a period of 17 years worked as COO and Board member as the company grew from 3 people to 800. Abt Associates is a $250 million firm working in fields such as health care research and policy, clinical trials, and survey research. Peter has been a key advisor to firms facing a variety of transitional events (external or internal), entering new markets, and facing choices around mergers/acquisitions/going public. He has helped build successful companies in software and professional services, three of which were sold to public companies. He has served on the boards of a number of innovative companies. He has a long term interest in health care. He established the original health care research group at Abt Associates. He has helped teach a course at Harvard School of Public Health, working with Dr. John Bryant, later Dean of Columbia’s Public Health school. He has worked with the American Association of Medical Colleges and has made hospital site visits. He has been a board member of several health care services firms. He has successfully worked with firms raising money seven times, both as an employee and as a business plan quarterback, and has been involved in M/A activities on both the buy and sell sides. Peter is a frequent invited speaker on the changing healthcare landscape. He has been writing and speaking on Personalized Medicine for years. He has been invited to speak at the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference, LabCompete, the University of California at Santa Barbara’s Technology Management Program, and a number of other conferences and events. Peter is co-author with Keith Batchelder of GHS of perspectives, commentaries, and editorials in Nature Biotechnology, Future Medicine’s Personalized Medicine journal, and Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics. He is active with his alma mater, having been Board Chairman of the International MIT Enterprise Forum, a past board member of the MIT Alumni Association, and currently helps young startups as Co-Director of the MIT Venture Mentoring Service.

About the Conference: 

The Next Generation Dx Summit (Enabling Point-of-Care Diagnostics, Emerging Molecular Markers of Cancer, Molecular Diagnostics for Infectious Disease, Companion Diagnostics, Commercialization of Molecular Diagnostics, Translating Proteomics & Metabolomics into the Clinical Laboratory, and Mass Spectrometry in Clinical Diagnostics) is designed to bring together all of the major players in the evolving areas of diagnostics.  This year, we are introducing proteomic and metabolomic technologies that are making their way into clinical diagnostics. We have assembled an impressive faculty of speakers from industry, government, and leading academic institutions. This meeting will showcase improvements in technology research and development with an emphasis towards application to the clinical laboratory and commercialization. Plan to hear what the key players in the industry are saying about what to expect for the rapid changes ahead.

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