2015 Podcasts

Metabolomics for Infectious Disease: A Focus on Sepsis

Raymond J. Langley, Ph.D., Associate Research Scientist, Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute

CHI chats with Raymond J. Langley, Ph.D., Associate Research Scientist, Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute. Dr. Langley discusses his current work on metabolomics risk analysis models for sepsis as well as the challenges associated with them and other developing technology.

Biomarkers for Infectious Disease: Current Challenges and Advancements

Kate Simon, Ph.D., Senior Consultant, Biologics Consulting Group, Inc.

CHI chats with Kate Simon, Ph.D., Senior Consultant at Biologics Consulting Group, Incorporated. Dr. Simon discusses reference methods for new biomarkers of infectious diseases, how to establish reference methods, and the biggest challenges scientists are facing in this field in 2015 and beyond.

Technological Advancements for Diagnostics Sequencing

Reiner Babiel, Ph.D., Executive Director, Consulting, RBDC

CHI chats with Reiner Babiel, Ph.D., who is the Executive Director of Consulting at RBDC. Dr. Babiel discusses NGS in infectious disease diagnostics, key advancements in the field, and the upcoming Next-Generation Diagnostics Summit.

POC in the Pharmacy: Practical, Legal, and Future Perspectives

Allison M. Dering-Anderson, BA, Pharm.D., RP, FAAIM, Clinical Assistant Professor, Pharmacy, University of Nebraska College of Pharmacy

CHI chats with Ally Dering-Anderson, BA, Pharm.D., RP, FAAIM, who is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Pharmacy at the University of Nebraska College of Pharmacy. Ally discusses legal considerations, collaborative care agreements, training, and the changing role of pharmacies.

Point-of-Care Testing in a Retail Health Clinic Setting

Alexander Sbordone, J.D., Operations Manager, MinuteClinic, CVS Caremark Corporation

CHI's Samantha Lewis speaks with Daniel Kerls, director of ambulatory operations at CVS' Minute Clinic, as well as Alexander Sbordone, who is the Minute Clinic operations manager at CVS. Kerls and Sbordone discuss staffing MinuteClinic, the types of diagnostic tests they seek out, and the future direction of rapid clinics.

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