Liquid Biopsy for Disease Management Stream

The Liquid Biopsy and Early Detection Stream at the Next Generation Dx Summit focuses on the profound impact that the development of liquid biopsies is having on the field of cancer, with clear advantages of repeatability, comprehensiveness and non-invasive approach compared to tissue biopsies.  For those patients who have been diagnosed with cancer, there is the advantage of being able to use genomic profiling and informative biomarkers to address questions of treatment selection, monitoring for disease recurrence and prognosis prediction. More challenging, but potentially even more disruptive, is the application of liquid biopsies for early screening of undiagnosed patients. Many different technology platforms and classes of biomarkers, and even combinations of biomarker classes, are being developed with the aim of providing the level of accuracy and sensitivity required for these applications.

August 21-22

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August 22-23

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