Liquid Biopsy for Disease Management Stream

While analysis of tissue biopsies has long been the gold standard for disease monitoring and characterization, the invasive nature of this approach limits its frequency and small tissue samples may make the biological material unrepresentative in some cases. These are some of the reasons that liquid biopsies have attracted considerable interest and development. Technical issues include the selection of different biomarker classes, methods for improving sensitivity and specificity, as well as clinical validation of specific applications. The Liquid Biopsy program focuses on a range of indications, with particular emphasis on oncology patients who have already been diagnosed. Tumor profiling for treatment selection and testing for cancer recurrence are key applications being developed. Early Cancer Surveillance focuses on a single, more challenging indication of early screening for cancer, where the genetics, or even the presence of cancer, is not known. While multi-cancer early detection (MCED) has the potential to significantly alter the course of cancer diagnostics, significant hurdles, both technical and otherwise, need to be overcome for commercial success.

August 19-20

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August 20-21

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