Here's a reminder of the posters that were presented in 2023

P01: An Inverted Glucometer Based Detection of SARS-CoV-2, Presented by Karthika S., Exponent, Inc.

P02: Development of Candidate Reference Materials for cfDNA Methylation Measurements in Liquid Biopsy, Presented by Zhiyong H., National Institute of Standards and Technology

P03: Value of Non-Esterified Fatty Acids in the Management of Canine Diabetes Mellitus, Presented by Yongbaek K., Seoul National University

P04: Serum Epitope Repertoire Analysis (SERA) Enables Highly Multiplex Serology for Disease Diagnosis and Monitoring, Presented by Kathy K., SerImmune, Inc.

P05: Ex Vivo Platelet Activation: An Underestimated Challenge for Plasma Protein Biomarker Research, Presented by Jing Li., Streck, Inc.

P06: Applying Usability Engineering in Diagnostic Device Development, Presented by Kella K., Team Consulting

P07: Managing Evolution in PoC Diagnostic Devices, Presented by Thomas W., Team Consulting

P08: CA-62: A Novel Screening Biomarker for Early Cancer Detection, Presented by Evgueni K., UCM Technologies, Inc.

P09: High-Throughput, Ultrasensitive, Time-Domain Encoded Droplet Optofluidics for Nucleic Acid Biomarker Analysis, Presented by Stephanie Y., University of Pennsylvania

P10: Enabling Symptom to Treatment in Minutes for Microbial Diseases Using Novel All Optical PCR, Presented by Nipun S., University of Cambridge

P11: Device for Single-Step, Ultrafast, Gold Standard Amplification and Detection of Nucleic Acids Using Plasmonic Thermocycling - Accelerating Genomics Research and Democratising Precision Medicine, Presented by Shuler X., University of Cambridge

P12: The QASI® External Quality Assessment Program for Diagnostics in Remote Canadian Communities, Presented by Michael B., Public Health Agency of Canada