2020 Virtual Poster Presentations:

P01: Gene Expression Profiling of a Selected Gene Set Predictive on the Efficacy of Infliximab in the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis; Presented by Laszlo S., Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC

P02: A Versatile Self-Powered Microfluidic Toolbox: From Sampling to Diagnosis to Therapeutics; Presented by Francesco D., KU Leuven

P03: Snifits: Semisynthetic Sensor Proteins Enable Metabolic Profiling at the Point of Care; Presented by Corentin G., Max-Planck Institute for Medical Research

P04: Validation of a Dual-Marker ARv7/Synaptophysin Assay for Prostate CTC Characterization; Presented by Arturo R., RareCyte, Inc.

P05: Non-Invasive Detection of Bladder Cancer Using Novel Physical Markers; Presented by Igor S., Tufts University

P06: Multiplex Detection and Identification of Pathogens Using a Resequencing Microarray Platform; Presented by Scott E., U.S. Food and Drug Administration