2022 Poster Presentations

P01: Centinela Diagnostics - Laboratory Science at the Point of Care, Presented by William P., Ciencia, Inc.

P02: Copan FLOQSwabs® and Liquid Based Microbiology (LBM®) Are Enabling Professional and Point of Care or Home Self-Collection and Processing of Clinical Specimens for the Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases, Presented by Santina C., Copan Italia SpA

P03: Enhanced Extraction of cfDNA from Human Plasma with AFA®: Are You Getting Everything That Matters for Your Assay?, Presented by Heidi G., Covaris, Inc.

P04: truCOLLECT® Whole Blood: A Novel Blood Collection, Stabilization and Transport System, Presented by Ulrich T., Covaris, Inc.

P05: A Universal Day Zero Infectious Disease Testing Strategy Leveraging CRISPR-Based Sample Depletion and Metagenomic Sequencing, Presented by Keith B., Jumpcode Genomics, Inc.

P06: (i)SIMPLE - Only One Finger Press Away from Enabling Decentralized Healthcare, Presented by Francesco D., Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

P07: A Passive Flow Regulator for Infusion Therapy Using Micro-Fluidic Channel, Presented by Yeong Eun Y., Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials

P08: Innovative Bioluminescent Point of Care Assay for Phenylalanine, Presented by Estelle B., Max Planck Institute for Medical Research

P09: Uromodulin as a Novel Biomarker of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Dogs, Presented by Yongbaek K., Seoul National University

P10: AI Accelerated Molecular Design for Next-Generation Point-of-Need Nucleic Acid Dx, Presented by Heike B., Sherlock Biosciences, Inc.

P11: CRISPR-Cas Enzymes to Disrupt and Democratize In Vitro Diagnostics, Presented by Elizabeth F., Sherlock Biosciences, Inc.

P12: SYMBAs: SYnthetic Molecular Binding Agents to Replace Monoclonal Antibodies in Diagnostics, Presented by Christian S., Temple University

P13: Early-Stage Detection of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Multi-Analyte Cell-Free DNA-Based Blood Test, Presented by Dhruvajyoti R., Helio Genomics