Digital Pathology and AI at Next Generation Dx Summit

Point-of-care testing stands to greatly revolutionize many aspects of medicine, including providing rapid access to test results, patient access to data and the types of tests that are available. At Next Generation Dx Summit, choose from a variety of conferences, short courses, and Special Forums covering the latest technological developments and applications of point-of-care testing.

POCT and Infectious Disease Stream

Enabling point-of-care diagnostics

August 20-21, 2019 | Delivering Rapid Results to Improve Outcomes - Detailed Agenda

Point-of-care testing stands to greatly revolutionize many aspects of medicine, including providing rapid access to test results, patient access to data and the types of tests that are available. The range of diagnostic tests being imagined is growing as are the players who can potentially manage and deliver health information to a consumer base who is hungry for it. Ensuring reliable and robust data, privacy of data and accurate results that are connected to therapeutic actions is the vision of point-of-care testing.

Sessions include:

Applications of Rapid Laboratory Diagnostics

Infectious Disease Management With POCT

Microfluidics Enabled Point-of-Care Testing

Exploiting a New Diagnostic Landscape – The Epigenome

Emerging Technologies at the point-of-care

August 21-22, 2019 | Enabling Clinicians with Cutting Edge Technology to Improve Patient Health Outcomes at the Point-of-Care - Detailed Agenda

Point-of-care testing (POCT) allows clinicians to make rapid decisions to improve clinical outcomes, cost and patient satisfaction. Join us at Emerging Technologies at the Point-of-Care as we discuss the newest technologies in the fastest growing sectors of diagnostics to improve clinical care and their path to clinical use.

Keynote: What Makes emerging technology attractive?

David Deetz, Co-Founder, CTO, Ativa Med

Manish Deshpande, PhD, Vice President, R&D, Point of Care BU, Siemens Healthcare

Prasad V. A Pamidi, PhD, Director, Sensor Development, R&D, Instrumentation Laboratory, A Werfen Company

Matt Bates, Head of R&D, Abbott

Nina Menezes, Head, Marketing Innovation, Abbott


Advancing Point-of-Care With Connectivity

Validating New POCT Technologies

Lateral Flow Immunoassays and Paper Diagnostics

Dealing With Wearable and Imaging Data

Wearables, Multiplexing, and Beyond

Molecular Diagnostics for infectious disease

August 21-22, 2019 | Improving Clinical Outcomes through Molecular Testing - Detailed Agenda

In the current diagnostics market, molecular diagnostics for infectious disease testing offers one of the brightest areas for growth and innovation. The Eleventh Annual Molecular Diagnostics for Infectious Disease will showcase novel technologies, which are continuing to emerge and significantly reducing the time it takes to diagnose infectious diseases. However there still remains questions on reimbursement models and clinical utility for these new diagnostics. Presentations will address the question of how to design studies to best address clinical utility of new technologies. Special consideration will be given to antibiotic stewardship and antimicrobial susceptibility testing.


Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing

Reimbursement of Molecular Tests

Developing and Implementing New Technology

AI-Based Infectious Disease Diagnostics

NGS and Clinical Metagenomic Sequencing


Point-of-Care Special Forums

Expanding Dx Portfolio for Veterinary Applications

August 20, 2019 | Repurposing Diagnostics from Humans to All Species of Animals - Detailed Agenda

As the point-of-care testing (POCT) sector is rapidly growing, companies are looking for new market opportunities and ways to increase revenue. With less reimbursement and regulation hurdles to overcome as well as similarities in biology, human diagnostics companies, particularly those in the POCT space, can look to the veterinary space to join the fray. Cambridge Healthtech Institute is proud to offer Expanding Dx Portfolio for Veterinary Applications, where we will discuss ways to repurpose human diagnostic platforms for companion and production animals.


Current Trends in Veterinary Dx Space

Focus on Companion Animals


Point-of-Care Product Strategies

August 20, 2019 | Understanding Point-of-Care Testing Markets to Launch Successful Products - Detailed Agenda

The  in vitro diagnostics market is highly segmented and rapidly growing. In 2022, the global market is expected to grow to tens of billions of dollars, with one of the largest drivers being the growing point-of-care market. In this rapidly changing market place, how can test developers compete and break into competitive markets? How has the testing landscape changed, and what are the opportunities? At Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Inaugural Point-of-Care Product Strategies attendees will understand and learn how to better overcome challenges that they are facing in bringing point-of-care products to market.


OPENING KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: How Disruptive Could Disruptive Technology Be?

Gregory J. Tsongalis, PhD, HCLD, CC, Professor, Pathology, Director, Laboratory for Clinical Genomics and Advanced Technology (CGAT), Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Dartmouth Hitchcock Health System, The Audrey and Theodor Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

Opportunities in the Current Market

PANEL DISCUSSION: Current Status – Future Promise, Clinical Perspectives on POC Implementation

PANEL DISCUSSION: Reimbursement and Pricing Considerations


POINT-OF-CARE in the pharmacy

August 21, 2019 | Strategies and Effective Business Models to Enable Point-of-Care in the Pharmacy - Detailed Agenda

As the US healthcare system continues to evolve, there is a growing need for increased access to affordable, convenient care. One emerging setting for such care is retail and community pharmacies. As consumers begin to see their local pharmacy, a place traditionally reserved for medications, as a stop for acute care and chronic disease management, there is a huge opportunity for growth. However, significant challenges remain including state and federal regulations, technology limitations, and payment models. At Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Point-of-Care in the Pharmacy, leaders in pharmacy strategy and implementation will discuss best practices and business models to realize this goal.


FIRESIDE CHAT: Decision Making Process for Point-of-Care Implementation

PANEL DISCUSSION: Considerations in the Community Pharmacy

FIRESIDE CHAT: Strategies to Advance Patient Care through Collaborative Practice Agreements and CLIA-Waivers

PANEL DISCUSSION: Strategic Implementation in the Retail Pharmacy Setting


Short Courses

SC1: Technologies, Applications and Commercialization of POC Dx

August 19, 2019: Technologies, Applications and Commercialization of POC Dx - Detailed Agenda

Instructor: Holger Becker, PhD, Founder & CSO, microfluidic ChipShop GmbH

This short course will provide an overview on the technological aspects of POC system developments. It will introduce current technologies such as microfluidics, sensors, paper- and smartphone-based approaches and discuss their trends and limitations. The course will discuss a variety of POC systems in different stages of their development, from early stage to established diagnostic systems in the clinical routine. Market aspects of POC systems as well as practical examples of commercialization for molecular diagnostic, immunological and clinical tests will be presented.