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Poster Group A
Presenting Tuesday through Wednesday (morning)

Agilent Technologies
101.     Quality Analysis of Circulating Cell-Free DNA and RNA; Presented by Chava P.
Anchor Molecular, Inc.
102.     Evaluation and Characterization of DNA-Depleted Plasma and Analysis of Specificity and Sensitivity of cfDNA Extraction for Plasma-Based Quality Controls; Presented by Caroline L.
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
103.     Evaluation of Recombinant Virus-Like Particle Antigen Immunoassays for Antibody Detection to Swine Vesicular Disease Virus; Presented by Ming Y.
Discovery Life Sciences
104.     Evaluation of Receptor/Ligand Expression on Dissociated Tumor Tissue; Presented by Shawn F.
Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences
105.     IL-6 as a Predictive and Therapeutic Biomarker in Radiotherapy; Presented by Hong-Duck U.
Mayo Clinic
106.     Determining Somatic Chromosomal Junctions Through Whole Genome Sequencing on FFPE Tissues for Monitoring in cfDNA; Presented by Stephen M.
NanoString Technologies
107.     Profiling Plasma Cell-Free RNA (cfRNA) with the NanoString Low Input nCounter Assay; Presented by Alan H.
Oregon Health and Science University
108.     Using High Conductance Dielectrophoresis for Rapid Recovery of Cancer-Associated Exosomes from Unaltered Human Plasma; Presented by Stuart I.
RareCyte, Inc.
109.     Pick-Seq: Spatial Tissue Analysis via Multi-Parameter Imaging and RNA Sequencing of Micro-Regions; Presented by Arturo R.
University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus
110.     Identification of Methylated Tumor DNA Fragments Using an Optimized Bias Based Pre-Amplification-Digital Droplet PCR (OBBPA-ddPCR); Presented by Mario M.
University of Gothenburg
111.     Ultrasensitive Mutation Detection in FFPE Tissues and Circulating Tumor DNA Using SiMSen-Seq; Presented by Stefan F.
University of Illinois
112.     Multiparametric Single Molecule miRNA Analysis with Flow Cytometry; Presented by Lucas S.
University of Tokyo
113.     Spatio-Temporal Inclusive Statistical Analysis for Single Cell; Presented by Kotoe K.
Zeon Specialty Materials, Inc.
114.     A Comparison of Cyclo Olefin Polymer with Glass and Other Plastics for the Construction of Molecular Diagnostic Consumable Devices; Presented by Lawrence A.


Poster Group B
Presenting Wednesday (afternoon) through Thursday

Brooks Life Sciences
201.     Evaluation of FluidX External Thread Tubes for Potential Leachable Compounds; Presented by Kathleen R.
Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz)
202.     Applicability of a New Non-Invasive Collection Methods in the Molecular Diagnosis of American Cutaneous Leishmaniasis; Presented by Agnes S.
Karolinska Institute
203.     Pediatric Cancer Is Something Different; Presented by Cecilia A.
Karolinska Institute
204.     Copy Number Alterations in Gastroesophageal Cancer ctDNA; Presented by Karin W.
Keen Eye Technologies
205.     Discover Hidden Information in Images for Enhanced Diagnostics; Presented by Paul B.
Lyme Disease Biobank Foundation
206.     Lyme Disease Biobank - Characterization of 550 Samples from the East Coast and Upper Midwest Collected from 2014-2018; Presented by Liz H.
NanoString Technologies
207.     Microbiome Profiling by nCounter Technology; Presented by Alan H.
Phoenix Laboratory Consulting, LLC
208.     Healthcare Disparities in Direct-to-Consumer Genomic Testing; Presented by Bronwyn H.
Pillar Biosciences, Inc.
209.     Development of a Single-Tube, Multiplex-PCR Based NGS Myeloid Assay; Presented by Erin P.
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
210.     Multiplex Blood-Borne Pathogen Detection with a Resequencing Microarray; Presented by Robert D.
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
211.     Development and Tiered Evaluation of Technologies for Multiechelon Diagnostics (MEDx); Presented by Shawn M.
University Health Network
212.     Comprehensive Detection of ctDNA in Localized Head and Neck Cancer by Genome- and Methylome-Based Analysis; Presented by Justin B.
University of South Dakota
213.     Response to 4SC-202 Varies by Cell Subpopulation in Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumors (ATRT): A Case Study Examining Patterning in Single-Cell and Bulk RNA Sequencing; Presented by Mariah H.
University of Toronto
214.     Identification of Diagnostic and Prognostic Markers for Prostate Cancer Using Cell-Free DNA Methylation Profiles; Presented by Jessica P.

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